Cherrytree Presents VIPs…

Hello Cherrytree Presents Tour VIPs,

This is where you can get the most up to date info on your VIP package.

If you purchased the package, we know who you are and have your name. On the day of the show your name will be on a list and a member of the Cherrytree staff will be on site to check you in.

Check the Blog here for any last minute info on venue entry, time to arrive by, special entrance instructions, etc. With this purchase you will be the first ones to enter the venue and you will then get to hang out with all the members of the Cherrytree artists on the tour. You can ask them to sign, take pics, share a bottle of Cherrytree Cola, whatever!, as this is basically a small intimate party with your new favorite bands. You will also receive your special limited edition poster at this time.

If you are still worried about any details just email or and we can answer any questions that you may have.

Also, your downloads for Sir Sly, Wolf Gang, and Secret Someones are coming soon!

Andrea Ruffalo
GM-Cherrytree Records

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